Zappy Smoked Oak

D    Niklas Jessen
M    Schneid


Zappy stands out with its soft and inviting glow. The carefully handmade lamp of ash or oak veneer illuminates any indoor space with sublime light quality. With its delicate wooden panels and the detailed natural design, it impresses as a beautiful lighting object and will be a focal point in any room. While the ash veneer is characterized by a brighter tone and a higher light output, the oak veneer in a natural finish or smoked oak version in black has lots of impact since it appears darker and displays the strong natural structure of the wood. Zappy is available in three sizes and three types of wood; ash, oak or smoked oak veneer

cord colors: basic white, ice blue, deep black, smooth creme, coral orange, light yellow

Zappy ‚Big Pine‘ 43.3" x 51.2"
Zappy 21.7" x 25.5"
Zappy ‚Small‘ 14.2" x 16.9"

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lead time 3-4 weeks