Una Bistro

M    Ames
D    Erla Sólveig Óskarsdóttir

Delving into memories of her childhood, Erla Óskarsdóttir came up with a doubly ingenious idea that enabled her to square the circle, creating an elegantly fluted table for indoor and outdoor use. The shape was inspired by the wooden spool originally used to wind up electric cable that she used to play with in the garden. Una (Spanish for ‘one’) lives up to its name in terms of uniqueness: It boasts a round top and a gracefully angled single-column central leg. And goes admirably well with her Einn (Icelandic for ‘one’) chairs. Una is made of four parts, available in two sizes, as either a cocktail table or a bistro table and comes in various finishes – another prime example of ames’ culture of diversity.

Una Round/Square Bistro: D 27.6"/31.5"/39.4" x H 29.1" 
Una Round/Square Bar: D 27.6"/31.5"/39.4"  x H 43.3"

beech, optional in lacquered oak, stained or in CPL coated

$1,570.00 - $2,230.00