Tveir 4-legged wood

D    Erla Óskarsdóttir
M   Ames

While Tveir means ‘two’ in Icelandic as a chair it is far more than ‘just’ two. Erla Óskarsdóttir wished to create seating for all manner of users and all manner of uses – for the typical milieu-mix of today’s metropolises. To do so she went binary and united opposites: an organic shape and clear geometries, or rather ultramodern production techniques (3D veneer seat-shells) and the curves of the body. And as with all things binary, the underlying code gives birth to great diversity: Tveir has emerged as a complete, multi-award-winning collection of chairs with a wide variety of finishes. Those who love nature in their rooms will no doubt choose American walnut or beech, while the more techy-minded will probably go for the black or white soft seats. And since 2 x 2 = 4, there are four different base frames available.

W 25.3" x D 20.7" x H 31.7"

beech, oak

$870.00 - $945.00