M Tukluk

Room for building, playing, dreaming, discovering and hiding.

Tukluk is a piece of furniture, a triangle, and a toy. Cylindrical magnets are attached to the edges of the coloured modules, which means that any conceivable shape can be built and taken apart.
Tukluk will delight children, whether they're on their own or with friends – building huts, creating landscapes, hiding in them, embarking on new journeys every day, and that as often and varied as they want. Through Tukluk, children can discover dimensions and space, and comprehend and create their environments, both cognitively and physically. 
Tukluk is available in 10 great colors. Whether for the play room, for kindergartens, play groups or schools – we recommend Tukluk for all children age 3 and up.

H 2.2" L 39.4"

TÜV-approved foam, upholstered with soft fabric, magnets

Price per Triangle


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