Tagedieb stackable

D    Carmen Buttjer, 2013
M   Moormann

Tagedieb is attached very easily with four clamps at each corner, coated with colors which are adapted to the bed. To provide it fits individually the mattress, the mattress support can be attached to four different heights. It’s really flexible at the high headboard. Mounted straight up, or angular, it will do both just as well. 

And now he’s stacking up as well! First, it was the Tagedieb among his bed colleagues, who made a reputation for himself as the speedy assembler of his individual parts. Now he has literally topped that: the Tagedieb stacking bed.

W 37.3"/49"/57"/64.8"/72.7"/ 80.6" x L 80.5"/84" x H 16"/32"

Birch Plywood: White, Black
Clamps Stone Grey

Download Datasheet

$1,015.00 - $1,232.00

Tags: Bed