D     Philipp Mainzer, 2005                          
M    E15


The table TA14 ANTON illustrates an uncompromising focus on the essentials with regards to material and form. The table top has been constructed using 8 solid wood planks and is only 20 mm thick. The walnut tabletop is build out of 11 planks. The legs have a diameter of 30 mm (29 1/2 inch), are removable, and come in either powder-coated steel or brushed stainless steel. Special wood selection, waxed surface, white pigmented waxed or treatment with contract oil on request.

L78.8" / L 98.4" x W 39.4" x H 29.5"

brass: polished 
steel: powder coated signal white or jetblack
stainless steel: brushed

table top
oak: natural oiled, stained jetblack, stained signal white, white pigmented waxed
walnut: natural oiled

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$5,269.00 - $10,527.00