ST07 GRACE Bar stool

D     Philipp Mainzer, 2000                         
M    E15


The base of ST07 GRACE is constructed of 5/8 x 5/8 inch brushed stainless steel legs with four cross beams. The seat is shaped with a radius to provide comfort. The clear lines and the large seat of this stool offer an elegant appearance while the stool can be used from two sides.ST07 GRACE is available in three different heights with or without back rest.

without backrest: W 16.9" x D 16.9" x H 18.5" / 24.4"/ 31.5"
with backrest:      W 16.9" x D 18.1" x H  24" / 29.9" / 37"

Finish: Oak, Walnut, Oak Jet Black

Substructure: Stainless steel brushed, Oak Jet Black, Brass brushed

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$1,298.00 - $1,573.00

Tags: Barstool, Seating