D    Jakob Gebert, 1997
M   Moormann

This table combines a graceful and light design with a high degree of stability. The flexible table top made of 9 mm birch plywood guarantees that it stands firm on uneven surfaces, too. An assembly tool allows the leg supports to be inserted underneath the table top. Once the tool is removed, the legs expand in the grooves and latch into place. They are just as easy to remove from the table, making it simple to reposition the legs. For storage and transport, the legs as well as the assembly tool fit into the underside of the table top. The legs of Spanoto are available in seating, standing and coffee table height.  


L 33.9"/ 63"/ 74.8"/ 86.6" x D 33.9" x H 17.7"/29.1"/43.7"

Table Top:
Melamin resin White, Black, Red, Blue
Ash untreated

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