Solo Table

D    Wim Segers
M   Viteo

The idea behind the design of the VITEO SOLO collection developed by Wim Segers, is to show tradition in a simple, modern form. Eye-catching among these simple, aesthetically pleasing cre-ations are the relatively prominent bench legs. All items in the series (tables, benches, chairs, sofa) are made completely out of oiled Iroko wood. The wood of this African tree specie is very com-pact, firm, durable and therefore extraordinarily weather resistant. The heartwood is originally grey-yellow till light brown with a yellow-white splint. After drying it shows different colour sha- des. The benches match with the sizes of the tables and are available in 3 different lengths. 

Iroko, oiled

L  74.8" x W 35.4" x H 29.5"
L  94.5" x W 35.4" x H 29.5"
L  141.7" x W 35.4" x H 29.5"

weight: 167 / 189 / 255 lbs


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