D     Phillipp Mainzer, 2006                       
M     E15


The SHIRAZ sofa was inspired by loosely conjoined, communication enhancing traditional Persian seating islands as well as by classical seating furniture found in western salons and hotel lobbies. The SHIRAZ series underlies a flexible system of seating options that impressively harmonises modern and traditional elements. The central element of this design concept is the ability to combine various backrests with different seating elements. Each module of the sofa set contains two elements: the base SHIRAZ (with or without a backrest, as desired) and the ELAM seat – an oversized down cushion that completes the sofa component. As resting accessories, we recommend the ARAM armrest and the NIMA cushion, available separately in a variety of sizes

System of 22 individual modules, which can be assembled in any way

Solid Beech Wood, Plywood, Fabric

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Tags: Modular, Seating, Sofa