Seiltänzer Sidetable

D    Nils Holger Moormann, 2017
M   Moormann

Appears to be weightless, but it isn’t. Just like a Seiltänzer which translated means tightrope walker. Four slender steel legs ensure that the table is stably balanced. Which is, of course, not the real work of art. In fact it is the tense rope that makes the Seiltänzer march to a different drum by connecting the legs securely to the table top. Speaking of a series. The Seiltänzer is not only available in square and rectangular format, it can also be linked in all directions with other tables.

L 35.4" x D 35.4" x H 13.8"


Base frame: Steel nitrated
Rope: Polyester-Vectran® - rope
Table top: FU (birch plywood)
Table top surface: Laminate/linoleum
Frame: Ash untreated

Color tabletop 

Laminate resin white, Laminate silk-mat dark grey, Linoleum black, Laminate silk-mat dark grey

Download Datasheet


$2,722.00 - $4,045.00