Schulz Barstool

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The SCHULZ stool is the logical addition to the SCHULZ chair and enriches the OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE collection with another icon. Chair and stool clearly share the dynamic silhouette. The connecting element of forward facing legs which are extensively stretching upwards gives both objects a lively aura. The archetypical appearance of the front also reminds of the SCHULZ chair. However, the stool is a stand-alone object despite the unmistakable family resemblance. The generous seating surface also serves as the base area of the object. The long emerging legs are positioned inwards which saves spaces and gives support to the construction. Crafted with rigorous precision the connection of front and rear legs combines these graphic surfaces harmonically into a unit of material, color and form. Its appearance is futuristic, almost abstract, and thus contrasts its traditional roots. The SCHULZ stool is available in different colors such as aprikosa, steel blue or classic black. The bar stool not only functions as a solitaire but is also discrete enough to be placed with several others. Due to its elegant appearance it is perfectly suited for restaurants, bars or lobby areas of all kinds.

W 16.5" x D 16.7 x H 29.3"

Lacquered solid ash, clear, black, white, light gray, steel blue, light blue, leaf green, sand, aprikosa, luminous red

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$1,180.00 - $1,280.00