D     Philipp Mainzer, 1999               
M     E15


The solid wood sideboard is available in two heights and sizes that greatly expand the function of the piece.Aluminium strips inserted inside the door panels ensure further stability, enabling a solid wooden front structure without a visible supporting frame. The front panels have an end-to-end handle across the top inner edge. The base is made of brushed stainless steel and mitrepolished at the edges. 

L 53.1" x D 17.8" x H 26.6" / H 35.4"
L 70.9" x D 17.8" x H 26.6" / H 35.4"

Material, finish:
Oak, Walnut
Satinless Steel, Steel powder-coated Jet Black

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$7,887.00 - $12,738.00