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An individual way to hang things: The round ash wood hangers of the Satellite series can be arranged on the wall at will, providing the ideal format for hanging any accessory or piece of clothing. With a slight forward tilt, Satellites securely hold coat, hat or scarf. A variety of colours and diameters allow numerous compositions, complemented as a whole by a round mirror. Integrated hanger bolts ensure easy installation.

Satellite large mirror: Ø 7.9"  x D 1.7"
Satellite large: Ø 7.9"  x D 1.7"
Satellite medium: Ø 5.3" x D 1.6"
Satellite small: Ø 4.3" x D 1.5"

ash lacquered: clear, black or gray

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$62.00 - $138.00

Tags: Gift, Hook, Other, Storage