Rope Light

D  Verena Hennig
M  Akttem

ROPE LIGHT is a contemporary design that draws an illuminated line through a space, constrained only by the imagination. Pushing the boundaries of conventional lighting design, the filigree pendant allows for a multitude of configurations, graphical shapes can be drawn in the space. Warm light shines from 360° customized LED bars to create a comfortable and unique mood. The new design is further driven by Hennig’s love of material, performance and minimalism, and desire to form a connection with her customers to spark an immediate reaction to their playful nature. The dimmable pendant is available in warm and cold white. Customized lengths on request.

acryl mesh
LED cold or warm white, 2700K - 4000K 

L / H 104.2” x D 1”

Download Datasheet

$3,390.00 - $3,390.00