Pinocchio Billard

D                               Philip Bruni, 2010

M                               Augarten

Founded in 1718, the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory is the second-oldest in Europe. Now as then, porcelain continues to be made and painted by hand. Each piece is thus unique.

Pinocchio has a long nose. He is curious and likes to run away. He is an adventurer. If he falls down he immediately gets up. He is a tumbler. He is definitely cheeky: if he gets nudged he nudges as well. But he is always cheerful, unpretentious and likeable: Pinocchio with the long nose.

His daddy is Philipp Bruni, not Gepetto, and he is a designer. Pinocchio is not carved of wood but of porcelain - the most precious, handmade Viennese porcelain from Augarten. This is Pinocchio – the tumbler vase. 

Available in many colors - price on request

W 3.5" x D 3.5" x H 11"

China, handpainted


Tags: Vases