D     Philippe Allaeys, 2006                          
M    E15


With its rounded, minimalistic forms, the PA05 LEILA coffee table supplies a compelling contrast to the rectangular structure of Sofas and chairs. Given its different size options, the PA05 LEILA possesses exceptional versatility. PA05 LEILA is available in selected materials, such as solid European oak and walnut. The oak version is also available in colour stained and matt varnished surface tones. This combination produces a capturing effect by allowing the natural wood grain patterns to shimmer forth from beneath the varnish, highlighting the origin and authenticity of the materials.

W 27.5" x D 27.5" x H 8.6"
W 33.5" x D 33.5" x H 10.3"
W 47.3" x D 47.3" x H 11.8"

Walnut, Oak, Oak Signal White stained, Oak Jet Black stained

$2,112.00 - $5,962.00