Neumann Sidetable

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The NEUMANN side table and its development are a prime example of the design process. A rectangular steel sheet forms the starting point from which the striking shape arises. The two-dimensional surface is transformed into a three-dimensional object through lasers and bending. The manufacturing process is deliberately used as a stylistic influence. It results in a functional as well as expressive side table. The NEUMANN form is composed by overlaying surfaces and intersections. Exciting visual axes occur depending on the angle. While the side table almost seems massive when taken in frontally, one looks through a delicately drawn object of exceptional tenderness from the side angle. Angles, straight lines and triangles simultaneously become spaces and levels that offer room for daily objects. The foot is playfully and easily folded in a way that allows it to not only guarantee a secure stand but also enhance the characteristic form. Confident in appearance and flexible in application, NEUMANN serves as a bed-side table, a helper at the office or a side table in the lobby or living space. 


W 13.8" x D 13.8" x H 19.7"

steel, powder-coated, black, white, light gray, leaf green, sand, oliv, steel blue, pure orange


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$780.00 - $780.00