Moonwalker Bed

D  Katja Falkenburger, 2003
M  Richard Lampert

This piece convinces in a similar way than the Eierman shelf: reduced to the essential. One of the archetypes of a bed. The rectangular edges and the shallow profile make this solid oak bed appear light and elegant. The night tables in bent sheet are either made of brushed aluminium. A strong blend, which underlines the strict modern character of this design by young Katja Falkenburger.

height incl. low head board: 17.7"
height incl. high head board: 29.5"
height edge of the bed: 11.8"
width mattress size + 7.9" 7
length incl. low headboard: 86.6"
length incl. high headboard: 284.3"
mattress: W 35.4" - 78.7" x L 78.7"

bed frame smoked oak
side table aluminium

$2,865.00 - $5,130.00

Tags: Bed, Sleeping