Milla High Desk

D   Otto Sudrow, 1990
M  Richard Lampert

Simple, affordable and demountable: the construction principle of one of the Eiermann table designs has been transferred to this high desk. The detailing is as excellent as in the original Eiermann 1 table frame. You will find both a footrest and the typical crossbars welded in one plane and without the ugly half bars at the end of the cross. To put it simply: “Made by Lampert”. This high desk will change the way you read, work or give presentations. A must-have for everyone who cares about active sitting and standing.

W 19.7"/27.6" x D 23.6"/39.4" x H 41.7"-53.5" 

frame (with footrest): chrome plated, bronze colored, black, white
top: white or black-faced melamine with oak edge, linoleum

various colors

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$942.00 - $1,782.00

Tags: Desk, Tables