Light Curtain

D  Verena Hennig
M  Akttem

LIGHT CURTAIN is an open modular lighting system. Illuminated lines combined with minimalistic connectors creating filigree 360° LED room dividers for a multitude of applications. The connectors are available in various options of materials such as wood, copper, and powder coated aluminium. Besides of the material, LIGHT CURTAIN offers a wide range of colors to choose from. Designed for customers to play and tailor their own products suiting their needs, LIGHT CURTAIN introduces a completely new lighting experience in space. The light shines from 360° customized LED bars to create a comfortable mood, besides the room divider is dimmable and available in colors of cold or warm white. Customized lengths on request. LIGHT CURTAIN is manufactured in Germany.

acryl mesh
LED cold or warm white, 2700K - 4000K 

connectors: beech wood, other material on request

H 104.2” x W 43.3” x D 1”

Download Datasheet

$10,592.00 - $10,592.00