D    Axel Kufus, 1996
M   Moormann

This modular system consists of drawers and frame elements in three sizes that can be arranged in any combination. Lader can be build to meet your personal needs. The optics of the system can be changed by turning around the drawers, which have two different fronts. One front has a single finger hole, the other has two additional holes for inserting numbered, lettered, or symbol labels.In addition the upper drawer can be fitted with a lock. Lader can be delivered with wheels or feet as required.  

W 13.7" up to 63.4" x D 13.8" up to 20" x H Variable

Corpus and Top
Birch Plywood: Clear Varnish, White, Black, Red
Birch Plywood: Clear Varnish, White, Black ,Red, Light Yellow, Ice Blue, Umbra Gray, Stone Gray, Moor Green

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$815.00 - $6,294.75