D    Patrick Frey, Markus Boge, 2002
M   Moormann

Kant provides an organized desk area. Due to its folded rear section, the desk offers a place to stow and archive books, files and thousands of other things, which overwhelm us with a messy desk. Access the necessary materials fast, while maintaing cleaniness on the work surface.



Kant Sekretär: L 47.3"/55.1" x D 33.7" x H 29.1"
Kant: L 63"/74.8" x D 41.3" x H 29.1"

Birch Plywood: laminate silk-mat White, linoleum Black, linoleum Grey

Box 2: L 30" x D 31.9"- 2" x H 29"- 43.3"

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$2,736.00 - $3,715.00

Tags: Desk, Tables