Geometric Jewelry

D 13&9
M 13&9


Consisting of rings and bracelets for women and rings for men, each piece is inspired by nature: stone, symbolizing permanence; and the honeycomb, symbolizing modular functionality. The shapes of these elements – the ellipse and the hexagon – form the basis of the collection, balancing soft lines with sharp edges that are both smooth and textured. The ellipse offers a perfect shape as its unique curves celebrate simplicity while the hexagon’s intricacy proves nature’s innate ability to create understated complexity. Pieces are made from the versatile and pliant, Corian®, a material that is typically not used to make fashion accessories and can be formed into endless shapes. The material Corian® is composed from natural minerals and high- performance acrylic and can be formed in almost any shape. The manual finishing creates the individual surface of the jewelery and brings a personal mark of the manufacturer to the production.

colors anthracite, white or black