D     Ferdinand Kramer, 1925        
M     E15


Designed in 1925, the iconic daybed FK01 THEBAN is an excellent example of simplicity and grandeur in design. The reduced form features Ferdinand Kramer’s® enduring and subtle aesthetic. Inspired by Egypt and hence the name, Theban is a notable daybed with a calm and inviting appeal. The FK01 THEBAN is available in waxed solid oak or European walnut and features a hand woven surface finished with textile band or vegetable tanned leather, which is luxuriously soft and will patinate with exposure to direct light. A supporting and flexible textile built in the sub frame further enhances seating or lying comfort, while also supporting the woven structure.

L 70.9" x W 23.6" x H 13.8"
L 70.9" x W 31.5" x H 13.8"
L 78.8" x W 35.4" x H 13.8"

Oak, Walnut / Leather, Fabric combinations

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$6,424.00 - $14,751.00

Tags: Daybed, Seating