Figura Stream

D    Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen, 2018
M    Schneid


Figura - A melodious name that refers to the special shape of the luminaire. By a playful use of lines and forms, three different versions were created, each of which, individually or in combination, exude gracefulness. With the fine metal tube, the line of the cable becomes a design element and part of the sculptural silhouette. The three shades, inspired by the authentic aesthetics of classic industrial luminaires, have a minimalist, graphic expression. 

material: aluminium

shade: chrome, brass, deep black, soft white, desert sand, burnt orange, forest green, midnight blue

cord color: black, white, sand, burnt orange, forest green, midnight blue, grey, red

more colors on request

D 6.5" x H 18"

Download Datasheet

lead time 3-4 weeks