Eiermann Table 3

D   Alexander Seifried, 2015
M  Richard Lampert

One of the classics in design history, got one more upgrade. In 2015, Alexander Seifried, allowed the table to go even bigger, with a new base. Thanks to the many colour options for the frame, the many different material options for the tabletop, the different sizes available and a design with either centrally positioned or offset crossbars, the table is the ideal solution for worktops, desks and conference tables. The Eiermann is now also available in a round version.

W 39.4" - 157.40" x D 23.6" - 35.4" x H 27.2"/28.3"
round: D 27.6" - 39.4"

frame: chrome, chrome colored, stainless steel

various colors

Download Datasheet

$1,341.00 - $2,783.00