TA17 London

D     Philipp Mainzer                            
M    E15


The legs and table top each have an impressive solid wood thickness of 60 mm which exude strength and modernity resulting in a pleasing and calm harmony of the proportions. TA17 LONDON is designed without a frame and the cracks in the table’s legs are filled, which add to the table’s refined appearance. TA17 LONDON with its rectangular, length-wise positioned legs establishes its own powerful design language while preserving a graceful evolution of the classic TA04 BIGFOOT™.

L 70.9" / 78.8" /90.5" / 98.4" / 106.3" / 118.1" / 130" / 141.8" x W 36.3" / 41.3" x H 29.5"

Oak oiled or white wash pigmented
Walnut oiled

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$8,833.00 - $26,576.00