Drinking Set No. 281 - Grip

Marco Dessi

The italian Marco Dessi, designed a series which should attract for joyfull everyday use. A rather technical looking design comes to life, if it is produced by skilled craftsmen. A special lamella cut has been developed, which should suggest a technical aesthetic and functionality. Highest importance is assigned on the haptic pleasure when drinking from the glass - literally the "grip".

Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1.Wine Tumbler          D 2.8" x H 3.4"
2. Shot Tumbler           D 1.5" x H 3.6"
3. Double Old Fashioned Tumbler   D 3.3" x H 3.9"
4. Beer Tumbler           D 2.9" x H 5.5"
5. Whiskey Decanter   D 4.1" x H 8.9"
6. Decanter                  D 4.7" x H 11.3" 
Whiskey Decanter   D 4.1" x H 8.9"

 lead time up to 3 weeks