Drinking Set No. 280 -Wiener Gemischter Satz

Polka, 2008

POLKA a young and sucessful design studio from Austria wanted to create a simple Lobmeyr series to be used for personal everyday rituals. Each glass radiates elegance and grace of mouth-blown Lobmeyr crystal and each of the small series has its own story. So do the oenological correct wine glasses or the traditional champagne cup, standing for ebullient pleasure.

Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1. Champagne Cup  D 4.3" x H 5.5"
2. Redwineglass       D 3.9" x H 7.8"
3. Wine Decanter     D 5.3" x H 11.7"
4. Shotglas               D 1,9" x H 3.3"
5. Whitewineglass    D 3.1" x H 8.3"
6. Waterglass           D 3" x H 4.7"

 lead time up to 3 weeks