Drinking Set No. 285 - Joy of Discipline

D   Le Gramme, 2018
M   Lobmeyr

Le Gramme, a Paris based lifestyle brand, offers elementary shapes declined in different proportions or widths, thus different grammages. “Joy of discipline” is a healing set of five perfect glass shapes with an accent of décor, which may
accompany its owner through the day. The prototypes of the series have been developed for Wallpaper*. Handmade April 2018.

Limited Edition

Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1. pill bowl D 3” x H 0.5”
2. ramekin D 3” x H 1” 
3. water tumbler D 3” x H 2” 
4. smoothie tumbler D 3” x H 5” 
6. pitcher D 3” x H 9”

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