Drinking Set No. 282 - Diamond Cut

Ted Muehling 2010  

The delicate workmanship and the cut base emphasizes the perfectly balanced tumbler shapes very well. The diamond cut, which is inviting to touch the glass, is quite a challange for the glass cutter. Ted Muehling states a sensitive masculine counterpoint to his first series he did for Lobmeyr.

 Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1. Water Pitcher: D 3.7" x H 9.4"
2. DOF Tumbler: D 3.3" x H 7.9"
3. Beertumbler: D 3.1" x H 6"
4. Champagnetumbler: D 1.9" x H 6.4"
5. Winetumbler:  D 3" x H 3.8"

lead time up to 3 weeks