Drinking Set No. 272 - Triennale

Wolfgang von Wersin, 1958

Designed for a Triennale Exhibition in Milan this classic and elegant bar series is another classic within the Lobmeyr collection. A clear facetted outside stands against the rounded shape of the inside. The tall liqueur glasses, looking like massive cut rods of crystal stand out from the group.

Leadfree crystal, handcut and handpolished 

1. Beer tumbler                  D 3.3" x H 6.1"
2. Champagne tumbler      D 2.7" x H 5.5"
3. Liqueur decanter tall      D 3.1" x H 8.8"
4. Water tumbler                D 3.5" x H 4.1"
5. Liqueur tumbler tall        D 1.7" x H 4.1"

lead time up to 3 weeks