Drinking Set No. 240 - Ambassador

Oswald Haerdtl, 1925

Oswald Haerdtl, one of the most versatile architects during the first half of the 20th century, closely worked together with Lobmeyr. One of the highlights of the combined creativity is seen in this remarkable design for a muslin glass series designed for and price winning at the Art Deco Exhibition in Paris 1925.

Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1. Cocktail Glass: D 3" x H 5.1"
2. Wine Glass IV.: D 2" x H 6"
3. Goblet: D 4" x H 8.6"
4. Wine Decanter with Stopper: D 5.1" x H 15.1"
5. Champagne Flute:  D 2.4" x H 10.4"
6. Champagne Cup/Martini: D 4.6" x H 6.6"