Dining Armchair Santiago

D    Rene Šulc

Comfort at the table and when rising from the table. The dining armchair furnished with armrests shaped to support your hands when rising can be complemented by other components – washable table, forearm crutch holder or a side storage pocket. Front legs have inbuilt wheels to facilitate handling. When storing several dining armchairs you will find their stackability very convenient.

W 24.4" x D 25.6" x H 35.5"
seat W 20.3" x D 18.5" x H 18.7"

w/ upholstery (removable)
upholstered armrest sleeves on request

accessories: crutch holder (white / black), side pocket,
wheels for front legs 

stackable up to 4

Download Datasheet

$570.00 - $1,370.00