D     E15 , 2006                       
M    E15


Inspired by different cities around the world, Farah Ebrahimi has selected a chic assortment of cushions in stacks of 4 using the best quality fabrics from Belgium, Italy and Scotland.The accessory cushion CU06 NIMA is available in six different dimensions and a variety of fabrics from the E15 range.

W 13.8" x D 13.8" x H 3.1"
W 15.8" x D 15.8" x H 3.1"
W 17.3" x D 17.3" x H 3.1"
W 21.6" x D 10.6" x H 3.1"
W 23.6" x D 15.8" x H 3.1"
W 23.6" x D 23.6" x H 3.1"

Available in every category of fabric an leather. Please ask for more details. 

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$132.00 - $506.00

Tags: Cushion, Other