Commodore with insect engraved

Oswald Haerdtl, 1954
One of the most typical examples of a drinking set of the 1950ies. To emphasise the precious feeling of the handmade glass we set those little insects on the surface. Even in this little decoration you can figure out the fine details, which copper wheel engraving - a traditional technique Lobmeyr is still using - brings out. 6 Alternatives are available.

Water Tumbler: D3.3" x H3.54
Wine Decanter + Stopper: D4.5" x H11.2"
Beer Tumbler: D2.9" x H4.8
Champagne Flute: D2.6" x H6.7"

Leadfree crystal, copperwheel engraving 

lead time up to 6 weeks

$210.00 - $729.00