Cojines Seat Cover

D    C. Schindler and M. Salmerón
M   Schindlersalmerón


Designed for the Flank-Milled chairs, this calf leather seat cover also fits other objects well. On the underside, the leather is turned outwards. The rough surface prevents any unintended slippage, whilst at the same time the cushion can always be easily lifted up. The two layers of foam give an optimal comfort for sitting. With the leather, a perfect finish is eschewed, in that any natural flaws are left in tact.
The entire product is manufactured Costa Rica in a socially responsible manner.


cow leather, hand-stitched
underside: roughened leather, non-slip
filling: two layers of foam
colours: black, red or yellow

minimum order quantity 6 pieces

L 13.4" x W 13.4" x H 0.8"


Tags: Cushion, Other