Coat Rack K02

D    C. Schindler and M. Salmerón
M   Schindlersalmerón


The Clothes Rail K/02 is tailored for the direct hanging of jackets without the need for hangers. It is produced from a single piece of stain- less steel and can be manufactured in bespoke lengths as a «serial bespoke object». The spacing between the hooks is not strictly modular, but rather is, almost imperceptibly, adjusted to the desired length.

0.6" brushed stainless steel, laser-cut and folded

39.4" clothes rail: 21 hooks, 20 hangers

In the light-enabled version of the Clothes Rail, an LED-strip is fitted to the inner side with silicone, which indirectly illuminates the wall, creating a comfortable light. It was developed in collaboration with Fontana– Leuchten.

D 3.1" x L 23.6" - 88.6"

other lengths on request

$385.00 - $385.00

Tags: Rack, Storage