Champagne Bowls

 M Augarten

The fragile champagne bowl is a must for every friend of noble drops and exquisite designs. The polished gold and platinum decor stands out as a symbol of extravagant taste not only by its exquisite optics but also accents the splendor of the bowls. Augarten uses 24 - carat gold and highest quality platinum. The content remains refreshingly cool and the form of the champagne bowl offers a new sensuous experience. 

china, hand painted

platinum: and white, glossy or matt / dark gray, glossy or matt

gold: and white, glossy or matt / cobalt, matt /  violet, matt / turquoise, matt / lilac, matt / dark gray, matt / light gray, matt / pink, matt / baby green, matt / emerald green, matt / baby blue, matt 

D 3.5" x H 2" 


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