D    C. Schindler and M. Salmerón
M   Schindlersalmerón 


Cojines, a cowhide seat cover, was designed specifically for the Flankenschnitt chair, but also goes well with other seating objects. The flat C / 01 offers a comfortable sitting on wooden chairs thanks to two layers of foam. The higher C / 02 is suitable for situations in which increased sitting is desired, such as with children at the table.

Because the leather on the underside is turned outwards, the coarse-grained surface prevents unintentional sliding away. It was deliberately dispensed with a dressing, with which any natural errors are not concealed. 

leather in black, yellow or red
hand manufactured

W 13.4" x D 13.4" x H 0.8" / 4.8"

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$150.00 - $192.00

Tags: Gift, Lounge, Seating