D    Martin Breuer Bono, 2014
M   Martin Breuer Bono

is an attempt to create a minimal structure to hold books. And to challenge the conventional notion of what a bookcase is. To hold a book you do not need more than to support the centre of gravity. When you incline the system, the stored books are taken into a stable equilibrium. By using the wall to place the books against, WINTER can do with very little built structure. The wall is integrated into the object without being part of it. You end up with a completely new typology conveying a strong sculptural claim. I like to use the term „product architecture“ for my work. Because the objects relate to the user, they enter in a close interaction, they propose ways of use, they influence behaviour, they create rooms of experience.

oak or walnut, waxed 

W 18.5" x D 3.9" x H 81.5"

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