D   Konrad Lohöfener, 2018
M   Moormann

As straight as Bruto may appear at first glance, he makes it unbelievably comfortable for those around him. Because his molded wood surfaces are not only naturally warm and soft, but also flexible. In fine nuances. In case your thoughts want to lie back for a moment. With both feet firmly on the ground thanks to two thin curved steel rods, which are stabilized by fine ash rails. We tested the full acrobatic highlights in extremely entertaining product tests to determine the range of the heavyweights that Bruto can withstand despite his filigree appearance.

H 31.9" x W 17.5" x D 19.1" 

base frame: steel hot-rolled

seat and rest: molded plywood with ash veneer

crossbar: ash untreated

with and without armrests available, stackable 

Download Datasheet

$641.00 - $832.00

Tags: chair