D    Jens Baumann
   Das kleine b


The Brecht Ladder Rack leans casually against the wall providing space for books, vases, records, trinkets and more. An uncomplicated, light piece of furniture with an unusual design, Brecht is solid and firm and still maintains an airy appearance. The ladder has an angle of five degrees to the wall, while the rungs and boxes sit horizontally. Shelf heights vary, so books of different formats will fit. The boxes are available in three different sizes and can be arranged in three different ways. As the shelf is narrow, it fits into small spaces. Since Brecht only leans against the wall, it is easy to rearrange. If enough space is available, the ensemble can become a modern form of the cabinet wall. The Brecht is well combined with the high desk Buckowski and the shelf Bertold. Ladder rack Brecht is available in three versions, all assembly-free.  

brecht 1: large box on top, small box at the bottom 
brecht 2: small box top, small box at the 
brecht 3: on top, medium box at the bottom     

 W 17.7“ x D 13.4“ x H 85.7“

frame: oak, oiled
boxes: plywood lacquered white, other colors on request

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