D   Marco Dessí, 2012
M  Richard Lampert

Simple idea, sophisticated product: slant-cut, sheet steel brackets and wooden shelves are combined to create a versatile and simple piece of furniture. Sophisticated: the mounting screws are covered by the shelves, an unconventional construction detail that underlines the design's two-dimensional aspect. 

The powder-coated sheet steel is available in white, basalt grey and black and in a dark bronze shade.
The shelves are available in white melamine-coated particle board or in solid, five-layer plywood (spruce
or fir) stained with a small amount of white pigment, or in solid natural or smoked oak.

H 10.6"/26.4" x W 11.8" x L 39.4"/ 55.1"/ 63"/ 78.7" 

MFD, fir, oak, steel powder coated

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$224.00 - $1,316.00