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Inspired by traditional pottery from the Frankfurt region, stoneware series SALINA combines modern design with handcrafted production methods. Reduced to the essentials, the cylindrical forms elegantly highlight the beauty of the material, which develops a unique texture through the treatment with salt. Each piece is handmade in a small workshop in the Southwest of Germany and carries the signature of the potter as well as an e15 logo at the bottom. The SALINA series consists of six impermeable forms open to individual usage.

cooler D 5.5" x H 9"

large bowl D 9" x H 3.3"

large pot D 9" x H 7.5"

large pitcher D 5.5" x H 8.3"

small bowls D 5.8" x H 1.4"

small pot D 5.8" x H 5.3" 

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Tags: Fruit Bowl, Gift