Having “Schneid” is the German equivalent to being bold, the essence of the Schneid philosophy.  Schneid strives for elegant product which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Mood and atmosphere are created with the use of natural raw materials, striking colors, and bold shapes. A dedication to sustainability and solid craftsmanship, Schneid works with local manufacturers to keep delivery routes short and the conversation intimate with craftsman who practice with passion.



We are proud to present our newest featured designers: GOODGOODS, an initiative by Austrian award winning Design Studio Dottings by Sofia Podreka und Katrin Radanitsch. GOODGOODS connects designers with people with disabilities to create sustainable everyday products in high quality and design. 

In Dialogue with the workshops , the designers develop products and workflows, which fit the skills of people behind the manufacturing process.

The final result: new and lasting design for home and living, with a charitable idea in mind. Designers include Vandasye, Patrycja Domanska, Ready Made, Christian Steiner, Julia Landsiedl, ASW Designteam, LucyD and Mischer'Traxler 





In our search to curate the best in European design, we come across a lost and found mix of design stories, limited edition pieces, and unique processes. “Featured” is a platform to present these extraordinary collections from independent designers, artisans, and artists.
Stillfried Wien kicks off its Featured Series with a colorful bang! Unique Persian Carpets are the starting material for this vibrant story. The carpets were imported to Germany, stored and preserved for decades in Hamburg, until they were reimagined in vivid colors. The Viennese Architecture duo, Kiskan inherited the carpets and brought the limited edition rugs to New York, on display at Stillfried Wien.   

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