Eiermann 2 Dining Table

  Richard Lampert

For dining tables with a depth of either 80 or 90 cm, we recommend a modified version of the original frame. This version was not designed by Eiermann and its detailing is not as sophisticated as in the original. However, this frame offers ergonomic benefits for dining tables. Unlike the original Eiermann 1 frame, in this modified version, the crossbars are not slanted but are positioned in a right angle between the two sides of the frame and the tabletop is screwed to the frame (29.5” table height). This dining table is available in a stainless steel design and with a weatherproof solid wood top for use on balconies or patios. 

L 63”/78.7” x W 32.7”/35.4” x H 29.5”

W 53.1” x D 30.7” x H 26”

top: oak, plywood, linoleum, melamine
frame: black, white, silver, stainless steel, chrome plated

Download Datasheet

$1,140.00 - $5,128.00