Trinkservice No.273 - "Hoffmann neu"

Josef Hoffmann 1954 

Since the 1930ties Joseph Hoffmann experimented with this shape, just before his death the set was edited by Lobmeyr in 1956. The glasses astonish for the contradiction of a delicate goblet that proceeds to the massive foot without a stem. Harmony is achieved by the cut in typical Hoffmann design on the edge of the base.

Wine glass IV.:  D 2.3" x H 3.7"
Wine decanter: D 4.7" x H 12.5"

Leadfree crystal, handcut and handpolished 

Out of production, only limited pieces available.

D 2.3" x H 3.7"


lead time up to 3 weeks

$277.00 - $1,100.00