Serie B

Josef Hoffmann, 1912

Josef Hoffmann first designed this collection in 1912. In 1914 Lobmeyr edited the mat glass with black enamel broncit decoration for the first time. There is proof that this set was distributed through the shops of the Wiener Werkstätte. Clear, mouth-blown crystal with hand-painted enamel decoration.

Mouthblown leadfree crystal

1.Champagne Cup  D 4" x H 4.6"
2. Water Tumbler    D 2.7" x H 4" 
3. Wine Decanter   D 4.7" x H 8.5" 
4.Liqueur Tumbler  D 1,4" x H 2.9" 
5. Wine Glass        D 2.6" x H 5.3"

lead time up to 6 weeks